Tony Cook


Tony Cook is a leading clinical hypnotherapist and Power Imagery practitioner, specialising in the treatment of anxiety, and the developer of the unique Core Hypnosis hypnotherapy technique.

Core Hypnosis is a resolution-focused hypnotherapy that safely and effectively guides clients out of trauma or destructive behaviour, resolves associated emotions and memories, and leads clients to experience a whole new level of freedom, confidence and purpose.

Tony guarantees clients a welcoming, safe, confidential and empathic environment to explore their core issues, and move from anxiety and fear to the freedom and power to get back in control of their life.

Core Hypnosis is effective in treating anxiety and depression, emotional trauma, weight loss, PTSD, victims of sexual assault, addictions, relationship issues, fears and phobias, nail biting, postnatal depression, and childhood traumas.

Tony developed his unique Core Hypnosis therapy after 20 years as a Registered Nurse, along with his wealth of experience in the practice of mindfulness, meditation and imagery techniques, and his clinical hypnosis studies under Rick Collingwood, Australia’s premier clinical hypnotist and hypnotist trainer.

Tony is a member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association (AHA) and the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (AACHP).


90 mins


for individual appointments. Discounts and concession are available. Please visit the website for details.

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Core Hypnosis

Tony Cook


  • Bachelor of Nursing
    (Australian Catholic University)
  • Cert. Hypnotherapy
    (Academy of Hypnotic Science)
  • Dip. Clinical Hypnosis
    (Australian Academy of Hypnosis)
  • Adv Dip. Clinical Hypnosis
    (Australian Academy of Hypnosis)
  • Master Dip. Clinical Hypnosis
    (Australian Academy of Hypnosis)

Please call 0432808450 for more information or to book an appointment. Bookings can also be made via

Tony Cook is available at the Four Seasons Wellness Centre Monday to Saturday.


Four Seasons Wellness Centre
305 Johnston Street
Abbotsford, Victoria

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