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North Cott

The Teachings of Travel – Why Balance in Your Life is so Important

Reflections by Robbie Allan – Realign Myotherapy Travel can teach us a lot. We see the way people in different cultures live. We see what affects our actions can have. But most importantly, we learn a lot about our own priorities and necessities. For me, travel has helped me realise what is most important and [...]

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Meet the Practitioner – Steph Varney, Realign Myotherapy

I’ve been a Myotherapist for 8 years. Initially I studied at Endeavour College of Natural Health, where I completed my diploma of remedial massage then I went on to do an advanced diploma of remedial massage at Melbourne Institute of Massage Therapy. Myotherapy is essentially a Melbourne branding of the advanced diploma of remedial massage. [...]

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Pain. There’s more to it than spite and discomfort. By Robbie Allan, Myotherapist

Everyone suffers from some type of pain; it’s a natural part of who we are and how our body works. Although pain is unpleasant, it’s a normal, healthy function that we all experience and is crucial for our overall wellbeing. But what is pain and why do we get it? Pain is an unpleasant feeling [...]

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