Remedial & Pregnancy Massage


Remedial massage specialises in treating soft tissue dysfunctions and injuries of the body. Through extensive assessment of each client, a treatment plan is devised in collaboration with the client to achieve their individual health goals. Remedial massage can be used to treat various muscular and chronic pain ailments including:

  • relief from chronic pain
  • headaches, including stress and tension headaches and migraines
  • chronic neck and shoulder pain
  • sciatica and other back pain
  • carpel tunnel and other stress/over-use injuries
  • upper crossed syndrome and forward head posture
  • osteoarthritis
  • frozen shoulder
  • tennis and golfers elbow
  • knee problems

Some of the treatment techniques in remedial massage include cupping, myofascial tensioning, trigger point therapy are all used to get the best results and achieve optimal health for each individual.

Initial/new client consult

Returning client



*Initial consultations time varies from 45 – 60 minutes depending on presenting complaints/problems and treatment. Returning client consultations are generally 45 minutes.



Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage can assist with the physical, emotional and mental changes that occur during pregnancy. Every pregnancy massage treatment uses specific techniques that are tailored to suit each trimester and the needs of each new mum. Pregnancy massage promotes relaxation and enhances the mother-baby connection, provide care and comfort to the mother-to-be.

Some of the benefits of pregnancy massage include:

  • reduced swelling and oedema
  • improve blood circulation for your baby
  • reduced muscle tension and headaches
  • decrease stress and anxiety by stabilising hormones
  • reduced back and joint pain
  • improved oxygenation of soft tissue and muscles
  • better sleep as massage soothes the nervous system

Prior to booking a treatment please ensure that you seek medical clearance from your primary healthcare practitioner, if possible provide written clearance.

Initial/new client consult

Returning client

75 mins


60 mins


90 mins


Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage aims to reduce muscle tension and stress, promote comfort and relaxation. This is achieved through gentle manipulation of muscles using pressure, kneading and flowing strokes. Pressure is adjusted throughout the treatment session to suit each client. Relaxation massage is designed to relax you but not necessarily to relieve chronic pain and other underlying ailments.

Relaxation massage can help:

  • reduce anxiety and stress
  • improve sleep patterns
  • alleviate minor muscular tension
  • improve blood circulation

Relaxation Massage Consultation

30 mins


45 mins


60 mins


90 mins



Michelle Reponia

Remedial Massage

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