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Meet the Practitioner – Amanda Bowden, Empower Osteopathy

My partner Chris Bell and I are both Osteopaths. We have been practicing for 2 years now and started Empower Osteopathy together. We love helping people figure out what is going on with their bodies and take an active part in their health and mobility.

I was a dancer so I was very interested in the human body, the lines, the function, just how beautiful and amazing the instrument of our body is. I was suffering injuries and seeing a physiotherapist. Going through that whole process – I was inspired by how much they help me. Then I heard about Osteopathy and I was drawn to it because of its holistic approach to healing.  And here I am!

Osteopathy is a type of manual therapy very much like other manual therapies such as physiotherapy and chiropractics. However, we look at the body holistically and we think about everything that comes into play – the joints, muscles and tendons. We study systemic disease and how that affects your musculoskeletal system. So we use a combination of techniques to address the cause of the issue as opposed to just treating the sign or symptom you are experiencing. Pain doesn’t start without reason, most of the time it’s because something is causing you to feel pain.  Osteopathy is really about finding the root cause of the dysfunction leading to that pain.

For example, as a dancer, you could suffer lower back pain and it could stem from of your ankle mobility, where you are unable to use your ankle properly. Then that goes all the way up the chain where you compensate and overuse your back to get your arabesque line. It’s about treating the cause of the issue as opposed to simply dealing with the symptom.

Mostly people associate Osteopathy with massage and cracking but we use a range of techniques including: mobilisation, manipulation, massage, dry needling, balanced ligamentous technique (BLT), craniosacral therapy and muscle energy technique (MET). As much as it is called ‘Osteopathy’, meaning the study of the bones, we very much address all the tissues of the body. We treat a lot of desk workers with postural issues and manual laborers with lower back problems. We also frequently treat people with headaches, migraines, discomfort during pregnancy and general sporting injuries.The typical length of treatment varies depending on what the client comes in with. If they have a joint sprain, for example, it could be anywhere between 4-6 weeks of treatment. Whether that’s once or twice a week is so dependent on their lifestyle, age, diet and general health.

The best thing about being an Osteopath is treating people who have bounced around from practitioner to practitioner without getting any results who then make progress with us. That’s really rewarding! You ask so many questions as an Osteopath so you have a very good idea of each client, their current health, lifestyle and physical health. This enables us to really get to know them and understand the root cause in order to gain positive results. It’s very rare that you’d get someone in who felt as though they weren’t being listened to, or that they’ve not had the right management. We are dedicated to educating and making sure our clients understand what is going on with their bodies and know how to follow up at home.

Amanda and Chris are available at Four Seasons Wellness Centre Tuesdays and Thursdays.

For more information and bookings contact: Empower Osteopathy  mob: 0434 251 813