Year of the Dog

Happy Year of the Dog

Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, is celebrated by over 1.5 billion people around the world and lands between January 21 and February 20 each year depending on the lunar calendar.  It is a time to farewell the characteristics of the previous year and welcome those of the new.

These characteristics are based on a 12 year cycle where each year is represented by an animal and a corresponding season and element which will change depending on what year of the cycle it is.

This year is the Year of the Dog.  The element aligned with this year is Earth and the season associated with the dog is the transition time between the seasons.

What to expect in the Earth Dog year?

  • Strong feelings of loyalty between you and people in your social networks and family.
  • Clearer moral stances and collective responses to social issues.
  • A focus on intellect and learning – a good year to study or learn new skills.

The Earth element is said to act as a filter for the energy of the Dog leading to more gentle, rational and less emotional behaviours in people throughout the year. As a result we can expect to feel more grounded than we have for a while.We should start to feel more grounded than we have in the previous two years.

This year’s lucky colours are green, red and purple and lucky flowers are roses and orchids. Decorate your home with these colours and flowers and the luck will flow in.

Dogs are hard working, so work diligently and you will be able to achieve results. The key word for the year of the Earth Dog is ‘ACTION’ so stop procrastinating and get going! This is the year to quit smoking, start exercising, change your diet, move house, study or make a career change.

Fortune shines brightly on social change and group activities this year, so if you want to launch a project that will help the environment and improve quality of life for people this is a good year to start.

Health issues associated with the Year of the Dog include physical injury, anxiety and heart disease. Four Seasons Wellness Centre recommends myotherapy or osteopathy for physical injury, nutritional medicine to keep your heart and gut in check, and massage therapy, art therapy, hypnotherapy or acupuncture to maintain balance in your nervous system.

Now that we are well into February and everyone is back into their routine, take some time to declutter your home and make space for fresh energy and new beginnings – or perhaps even a new pup?

Happy Year of the Dog – Woof!