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Dr Jacqueline Heng (Chinese Medicine) is a gentle, thoughtful and calm practitioner with a holistic approach to the health of the body, mind and spirit of her patients. Her quiet confidence and competent knowledge on all areas of Chinese Medicine stems from years of studies and clinical experiences at the Southern School of Natural Therapies (SSNT), together with observation and dispensing training at Quiescence Chinese Medicine.

Jacqueline obtained her Bachelor of Health Science in Chinese Medicine from SSNT (Victoria), and is registered with the Chinese Medicine Registration Board of Victoria (CMRBV) and Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA). She is also certified in Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, having studied with the renowned Ms Elizabeth Wakefield, a forerunner in facial acupuncture treatment in the United States of America. Armed also with Degrees in Environmental Design and Architecture, Jacqueline began her career with a Landscape Architect firm in Victoria for 10 years, before making the bold switch to pursue her passion in Chinese Medicine and holistic healthcare.

Her passion for Chinese Medicine was ignited at a young age, drawing from her Malaysian Chinese heritage. As Chinese Medicine was a strong element in her culture and household, Jacqueline was regularly taking herbal medicine for nourishment and supplementation from a tender age. This has greatly influenced her to pursue her studies in Chinese Medicine, to further share her knowledge and experience in helping others.

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Dr Jacqueline Heng (Chinese Medicine) is available at Four Seasons Wellness Centre on Monday ( after 2:30pm) ,Wednesdays and Saturdays.


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